It’s not just learning, it’s a journey!

Qualifications are important, but understanding them and growing as an individual because of your new found skills is even more vital.
FutureCOL takes pride in equipping students for their futures. We take pride in listening to our students needs, their dreams, their fears, their strengths and their inhibitions. It is all these factors that creates the individual, and that creates the building blocks from which they can either overcome self-imposed limits, or shy away from challenges that they may face.

FutureCOL staff are passionate about what they do. They are dedicated to assisting students in achieving that which they may have never thought they could. This is the journey of growth, of self-discovery, and of positive development.

We are more than just an educational facility, we are facilitating the growth of our youth.

Category 1 Provider! (Highest you can get!)

NZQA provide EER reports on a regular basis which go into every ‘nook and cranny’ of our business. They talk to graduates, to staff, to people in industries related to what we teach, and conduct a thorough overhaul of paperwork, internal and external systems, moderation etc.
NZQA places non-university providers into one of four provider categories on the basis of external evaluation and review (EER). This includes institutes of technology and polytechnics, wānanga, private training establishments and government training establishments.

The EER produces two NZQA statements of confidence in a tertiary education provider: one about its educational performance and the other about its organisational self-assessment.

NZQA ensures that the courses (and way in which we are providing the courses to our students) is up to standard.

FutureCOL is rated the highest as a Category 1 provider. This means that you are getting the highest quality of teaching in the eyes of our students, graduates, stakeholders, as well as NZQA.

Tutor – Student ratio = Excellent!

We get it. School isn’t for everyone. In fact, did you know that there are heaps of young ones that have been through public schooling systems that have left without qualifications?  This is because the public schools are catering to approximately 30% of the students. That means that the other 70% are left to fall through the cracks, and off the books.
You are more than just a number to us. You are valued. You are unique. We understand that you need more one-on-one time with the tutor, and you are going to be achieving higher and doing better if you understand what you are learning.

Gaining a FutureCOL education means that classes are tailored to your learning needs (in comparison to lecture halls where you are nameless, or classrooms where there are 40 other students needing the tutors attention).

Do you want a second chance at gaining an education?  If so, then you need to call us today!

Team FutureCOL​ at National Salon Competition Auckland​ 2016