Compared with costs of studying in main NZ cities, Hawke’s Bay (HB) has proven to be an economically cheaper option and accommodation in Private Board with local families is very popular. The HB community overall are great in supporting and caring for any students away from home.

The following information gives a brief explanation of the different types of accommodation available to international students and an indication of costs. For more information you can also refer to

Accommodation Types

Private board is very often as low as $80 per week (excluding food costs) which is good quality accommodation for a low price. Students enjoy easy access to supermarkets, college and work that is within walking or biking distances which made for cheaper travel costs.

There are several accommodation options available to students. Our Ntec FutureCOL Student Administrator can advise and assist you to find accommodation to suit your requirements. If your course is 12 months or longer in duration (conditions apply), FutureCOL provides free of charge your initial 2 weeks of shared accommodation upon your arrival in NZ.

For students who would like to experience living with a local family, a homestay is a great way to improve your English and find out more about New Zealand. Students have their own bedroom, and are provided with breakfast and dinner during the week and with breakfast, lunch and dinner at weekends.

All homestay families have been inspected and approved by our Accommodation Agents. All adult members of the homestay family are vetted by the NZ Police.

Homestays are arranged by our Accommodation Agents, but for any homestay issues, or to arrange a homestay, please contact the Student Administrator or Student Counsellor.

This accommodation is not assessed by Ntec FutureCOL

For students who want more independence than a homestay, but are not willing to take on the responsibility of a flat, a hostel is a good option. You can either have a room of your own or share a room, and you will usually have access to cooking, cleaning and laundry facilities.

This accommodation is not assessed by FutureCOL

‘Going flatting’ means you rent a house or apartment either on your own or with others. Flatting gives you more freedom, but requires a level of maturity to manage your funds and flatmates. For more information about renting go to the Department of Building and Housing (Tenancies) website

This accommodation is not assessed by FutureCOL