Regional Living

About the Hawke's Bay region

Studying in Hawke’s Bay enables students to be employed in jobs closely related to fresh quality foods found in local markets and with primary producers and growers. Hawkes Bay region farms grow fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grapes, olives and NZ is surrounded by coastal seas with abundant seafood. Orchards, farms and vineyards flourish in the Eastern Coast growing conditions of good soils and great weather and provides seasonal employment opportunities.

International students have communicated their appreciation of living outside the cities, enabling them to concentrate on studies, less stressful and lower cost living.

Through the availability of seasonal work, students can gain part-time employment reasonably quickly. As skills are developed hospitality employment or similar can be targeted. Once qualified, with students’ transportable skills they can relocate to any destination throughout New Zealand. Many cookery students benefit from the trained Chef skills shortage.
Study at FutureCOL enables international and New Zealand domestic students to work alongside each other. International students practise their English skills, and NZ students learn more about the global world and international friendships develop. All students learn how to live and integrate with each other within this friendly community of Hawke’s Bay.

Where is Hawke's Bay?

Hawke’s Bay is made up of Hastings and Napier cities located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island and is easy to access. Air flights are 1 hour duration, car is 4-5 hours from Auckland and 4 hours from Wellington.

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