Settlement Support

Settlement Support is a network of people based in local communities who are available to assist migrants settle in NZ. They provide information, workshops and help with getting settled. SSNZ staff regularly visit Ntec FutureCOL to provide support and training workshops on our campus.
How SSNZ can help:

  • SSNZ provides a clear point of contact for local information and services useful to new migrants in each local area.
  • SSNZ works with local service providers to find practical solutions to the challenges of settling in a new community.
  • SSNZ provides new migrants with information and details of services available in their new community. This may include:

– Community Groups – contacts for the many community groups, such as sports clubs or social groups.

– Education – the schooling options that are available in the region, and what other education opportunities there are.

– Employment – advice on the employment services available locally and nationwide, and the larger employers in each region.

– English language – local contacts for new migrants who want to improve their English skills.

– Health – the local health providers, including hospitals and General Practitioners (family doctor) and how the New Zealand health system works.

– Housing – the local housing market, where to find the recent listings and other accommodation options.

– Recreation – sport, the Arts, social groups and the great outdoors. New Zealand is fortunate to have networks for most recreation activities.

– Transport – local buses, taxi and train services can be different in each area.