Buses regularly depart between Hastings and Napier City every 15 minutes.

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Tertiary education students receive a special discounted fare when they show their student ID cards. While public transport is available, students find most things in Hastings are within easy walking or cycling distance. Many students opt for the healthier option of cycling to college or work. This is an economical form of transport but does require you to wear a cycle helmet at all times as this is the law. Once you invest in a bicycle and helmet, your travel costs nothing as expenses are paid up-front. Click here to read more about public transport in Hastings.

Owning your own car is the norm in New Zealand, so many Ntec FutureCOL students prefer to buy their own car.

Near Waitaniwha Bay on Nuhaka to Mahia Peninsula Road. Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand.

A second-hand car costs from approximately $1,400 upwards, and a new car costs from $20,000. Vehicle fuel costs per week are between $20.00 – $80.00 depending upon travel distances. Many students share these costs for travel independence for getting to work or traveling around the region or to cities etc. It is highly recommended that you take out car insurance for at least third party (covering other party) and preferably full insurance that would cover your expenses and the other person should you ever have an accident.

To drive in New Zealand you must have a drivers licence. (See details about Drivers’ Licences at As a driver, you must wear a safety seatbelt and make sure that all passengers wear seatbelts too. New Zealand has very serious penalties for driving while under the influence of alcohol.
Ntec FutureCOL provides free car parking facilities. All parking in central city areas has metered parking.